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The Countess has lost track of time.  She no longer knows the date, month, or even how long she has been in the tower.  Despite this, she has made some new companions that took up a few hours of the unending days.  

There was a hole in the wall so food could be passed to her.  Her company rarely joined her inside her cell, and spoke to her through the opening.  "They only charged you with thirty or so murders."  The succubus filled her in on the latest details of her trial.  Erzsebet could not see her through hole much, but she sounded so young, not like a being that had been alive hundreds of years.  

"Only thirty?"  She replied with a laugh.  "I'm almost embarrassed."  

The two spoke of the trial, and of many other things.  The succubus, who gave the Countess the name Secunda to call her, was just as educated as her on several matters, such as politics, ancient literature, and philosophy.

"There are people who do evil, and people who see evil happening and do nothing about it.  That's what I think anyway."  Secunda finished, her hands placed carefully in her lap.  

The Countess' hand reached through the little opening, and she did her best to rest it on Secunda's.  "Help me."

She could feel her flinch.  "Help you?  Help you get out?  I don't think I could do that..."

"Why not?!  You're a demon surely you have the power!"  Her hands shook with anger.  

There was an uneasy sigh from Secunda.  "Not all demons are created equal.  You would need someone stronger than me to get you out.  I'm sorry."  The Countess felt her move, and the chair slide away.  Perhaps she had just ruined her only chance for escape.  

She sat at her desk, her hands folded together in prayer, though trembling.  "Please... please...  I just need a little help.  Just this once..."

There was no flickering of candles, or any other strange occurrence.  The room did no grow cold.  There where no strange smells.  The Countess did not notice her guest until the woman in gray spoke.  "How the mighty have fallen..."

I'm so behind on my 30 days!
On the last one (Transformation [link] ) I mentioned that I wanted to do immortal characters in different historical times. The show trial of Erzsebet Bathory in 1611 isn't my first choice for Secunda, I would rather have the beheading of Anne Boleyn, or the Salem With Trails for her, but she can just have all of it.
I think this prompt is going to have continuations...
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August 11, 2012
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